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Disaster Management: 7 Principles Of A Disaster Preparedness Plan For Nonprofit Organizations

Discover the essential elements of disaster management. Learn how a well-considered emergency preparedness plan can safeguard lives and nonprofit assets.


New Emphasis on New York City Fire Safety: Safeguarding NYC Properties

To encourage safety in buildings across New York City, the City’s Fire Department and The Risk Control Department are putting new emphasis on existing fire safety requirements designed to safeguard multiple dwellings within the City. Additionally, the requirements set forth by the City will be enforced by insurance carriers, further encouraging property owners to prioritize safety.


Weathering the Hard Market: How to Take Control of a Nonprofit Organization’s Insurance Coverage  

The non-profit insurance space has been in a hard market since the third quarter of 2019. For some organizations, the concept of a hard market might seem academic. But it has practical implications, especially for nonprofit and human service organizations.


Does LifeVac Really Work? And 3 Ways It Can Help Your Organization 

Does LifeVac really work for choking emergencies? In this article, learn about the effectiveness of the LifeVac choking device.


Navigating Auto Insurance for Nonprofits & Human Service Organizations

Discover how to secure the best auto insurance for nonprofit organizations. Protect your nonprofit’s vehicles, assets, and mission with tailored coverage and risk management tools.


Safeguarding Operations with a Business Continuity Plan for Nonprofits & Human Service Organizations

Safeguard operations during hurricane season and beyond with a tailored business continuity plan for nonprofits. Learn how to assess risks, ensure communication, and prioritize safety.​​


National Safety Month: Getting Ahead of Preventable Injuries

Preventable injuries are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S, according to the National Safety Council. In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of preventable injuries and provide people with resources to address and prevent them, the National Safety Council marked June as National Safety Month…


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