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Leverage the many relationships Lamb has developed with carrier partners specializing in the nonprofit and human service space.

Carrier Partners for Nonprofit Insurance

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The Lamb Carrier Marketing team is made up of dedicated Marketing Associates who work closely with our carrier underwriting partners to find customized insurance solutions at the best value.

They are able to leverage the dozens of relationships with carriers who specialize in nonprofit and human service organizations to bring our clients the best solution available in the market.

Professional Liability Insurance for Nonprofit and Human Service Organizations

Carrier Partners for Nonprofit and Human Service Organizations

Lamb has developed relationships with carrier partners that specialize in the nonprofit and human services space, bringing the best available coverage solutions at a fair price.

By partnering particularly closely with carriers who focus on the nonprofit and human services space, Lamb is able to protect and support our clients at the highest possible level. More specifically, the breadth and strength of each of these relationships has enabled Lamb to leverage our engagement with these carriers on behalf of our clients all the way up to carrier Senior Management – a client-critical advantage that often leads to premium reductions and coverage enhancements.

In addition, Lamb’s large presence in the nonprofit and human services space has led to unique and exclusive insurance products developed by our carrier partners solely for Lamb, resulting in tailored offerings that meet the specific needs of our clients.

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