Lamb offers comprehensive coverage options to meet the needs of all Nonprofit and Human Service organizations.

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Cyber liability policy

Nonprofit and human services cyber liability insurance.

Cyber liability insurance is a dedicated insurance policy that helps keep organizations safe from the fallout of adverse cyber events like data breaches, ransomware, or malware attacks. A cyber liability policy can help cover the cost of

  • Breach response services
  • Recovering compromised data
  • Repairing damaged IT systems
  • Regulatory fines
  • Business Interruption and lost revenue
  • Defense costs
  • Public relations expenses
  • Cyber extortion
  • Runds transfer fraud

First-party coverages

  • Business Interruption
  • Contingent Business Interruption
  • Digital Asset Destruction, Data Retrieval and System Restoration
  • System Failure
  • Social Engineering & Cyber Crime
  • Reputational Loss
  • Cyber Extortion and Ransomware
  • Breach Response and Remediation Expenses
  • Court Attendance Costs

Third-party coverages

  • Network Security and Privacy
  • Regulatory Investigations, Fines and Penalties
  • Media Liability
  • PCI DSS Assessment Expenses
  • Breach Management Expenses

General liability policy

Non-profit and human services general liability insurance.

General liability insurance that is designed for non-profits offers all the benefits needed to secure your organization’s future. As a leader in a nonprofit or human services organization, it’s important to understand how general liability insurance protects your company’s interests. General liability insurance allows you to fight for your organization’s mission without worrying about how a potential lawsuit might affect its operations and financial stability.

Nonprofit organizations are just as vulnerable to legal liabilities and financial losses due to claims from third parties as any other company. That is why it’s important to invest in general liability insurance for nonprofits that can provide protection while you continue to do work that aligns with your company’s mission. General liability insurance designed for nonprofits offers all the benefits you need to secure your organization’s future.

Directors & Officers Insurance Coverage

Nonprofit and Human Service Organizations Directors & Officers Insurance Coverage

Welcome to LAMB Insurance, your trusted partner in protecting the invaluable work of nonprofit and human service organizations. We understand the challenges faced by organizations like yours and the critical role that Directors and Officers play in the success of an organization. That’s why we offer specialized nonprofit and human service directors and officers insurance, also known as D&O insurance or directors and officers liability insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance

Nonprofit and Human Service Professional Liability Insurance

At LAMB Insurance, we understand the unique challenges faced by nonprofit and human service organizations. We know that your mission-driven work is vital to the betterment of society. That’s why we offer comprehensive Professional Liability insurance for nonprofit and human service organizations, designed specifically to protect your organization from the risks and uncertainties it may encounter.

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