Client Advocacy

As experts in this space, our Client Advocacy organization will ensure you have the support you need to work with carriers, vendors, or any of your insurance needs.

Insurance for Nonprofit & Human Service Organizations

Client contract reviews

The Client Advocacy department reviews many of our client’s submitted contracts where our client is either: (a) acting as a vendor; or (b) hiring a vendor; to ensure the insurance provisions are appropriate. In particular:

  • Where the client is being asked to make or have made insurance and indemnity commitments: those commitments are standard and reasonable; and
  • The client’s current insurance policies are in alignment with the stated commitments; and
  • Where the client sought or is seeking insurance and indemnity commitments, those commitments are appropriate and sufficient to adequately protect your organization.

Client claim dispute matters

Lamb reviews claims on behalf of our clients that we feel have been inappropriately denied. If this review reveals, as it does more often than you might expect, that a claim was wrongfully denied Lamb writes to the insurance company to challenge the denial on our client’s behalf. In these letters, we explain, in detail, why the denial is improper and strongly recommend that it be reversed.

As a result, many of Lamb’s clients’ wrongfully denied claims are reversed, a Lamb-driven outcome that is not standard in our industry.

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